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MP Rolando Brison Being Roasted On Twitter About Dubious and Risky Cryptocurrency

MP Rolando Brison Being Roasted On Twitter About Dubious and Risky Cryptocurrency

Suspected human smuggler in Sint Maarten has had his pre-trial detention extended by sixty days as of Monday

MP Rolando “The Embezzler” Brison…Were You PAID, To Promote A Convict, Who Fled To Japan, After American Prison, And CANNOT Be Found?

1) MP Rolando “The Embezzler” Brison, needs to tell the St Maarten the WHOLE TRUTH, about Bitcoin, not some tired fantasy, Anansi story.

I’m here laughing at the people, who refuse the vaccine, calling it ‘experimentation’. Yet they are willing to put their life savings in an INVISIBLE BANK, whose creator is NON EXISTANT! How many have lost everything to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency? Yet the MP is NOT telling St Maarten people the RISKS associated with Cryptocurrency. Who invented Bitcoin? Satoshi Nakamoto, does NOT EXIST!

2) ) MP Brison needs to be questioned, ask him if he took money, to promote Roger K Vers, a convicted who hasn’t been heard or seen, since he absconded April 2021…. Has NOT been heard of in a year. Shouldn’t Rolando Brison as a Parliamentarian be doing his research thoroughly, because he seems to know NOTHING about Cryptocurrency or Blockchain. Ask MP Brison if he’s getting a cut from promoting lies and bullshit. BITCOIN IS NOT A SAFE OR DISCREET ALTERNATIVE TO BANKS.


3) As you can see, the man MP Brison is bigging up, as an inspiration, is a convicted that DISAPPEARED. HAS NOT BEEN HEARD OF… SINCE!

Woke up this morning, BOTS ARE PROMOTING BRISON… NOT HUMANS. I have almost 10.000 organic Twitter followers, the ones talking about losing ALL THEIR MONEY, are humans. The ones promoting theis scam ARE BOTS. Or people who beg for followers and will follow them back. How is this legit? How is it not a clear conflict?