Member of Parliament Independent Patrick Illidge was arrested, by the public prosecutors office on Monday. Prosecutor press officer Tineke Kamps states that MP Patrick Illidge was arrested on the morning of Monday January 20th 2014, although various soures are saying that he turned himself into the Proscutors himself.

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He was detained by the Landsrecherche. Kamps said the Member of Parliament was arrested on the accounts of bribery, money laundering, and taking part in an association that has its aim to commit criminal offenses.

The Orca investigation started in March last year after the showing of avideo on the websites of The Daily Herald and the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf. On the footage Jaap Van Den Heuvel, owner of the “Bada Bing” brothel, can be seen allegedly handing over banknotes to the independent parliamentarian Patrick Illidge. Jaap van den Heuvel was arrested last year. His pre-trial detention  was suspended.

The Attorney General of St. Maarten Taco Stein was given permission by the Court of Appeals on December 30th, 2013 to prosecute the MP, but the prosecution chose to allow the Member of Parliament to be free and to travel until the draft budget debate for 2014 concluded last week.

ParliamentARIAN  Patrick Illidge was arrested yesterday morning by National Detectives (Landsrecherche) on suspicion of bribery, money laundering and being a member of a criminal organization, according to the Prosecutors press agent. The allegations refer to Illidge’s alleged role in the Bada Bing case, also known as Operation Orca.

It is understood that National Detectives had shown up at Parliament during the budget debates last week in an attempt to speak to Illidge,Illidge was there. There are photo and videos proving that, but it was decided to postpone the arrest until after the budget hearing.

Illidge turned himself into Philipsburg Police Station by appointment in the morning of January 20, where he was taken into custody for questioning.

After receiving the orders after a Joint Court of Justice, The Prosecutor’s Office confirmed that they gave the go-ahead for the arrest of Illidge to be prosecuted.

On December 30, 2013 following a closed hearing as a result of the “Landsverordening Vervolging Politieke Gezagdragers” (Ordinance Prosecution Political Authority), which came into effect on 10-10-’10 and which states that a hearing must be held to determine if a person of political authority, including a Member of Parliament such as Illidge, can be prosecuted.

Leroy de Weever, the Parliamentarian who just physically assaulted a female and stole her equipment as he threatened to kill her in front of dozens of witnesses will be next.

Independent parliamentarian Illidge was caught on camera, allegedly accepting a bribe in the Bada Bing case. The case revolves around strip club owner Jaap van den Heuvel, who is at the centre of a corruption probe. Van den Heuvel was arrested last year. His pre-trial detention has been suspended.

 Both Illidge and Van den Heuvel had said subsequently that United People’s (UP) party leader Theo Heyliger had asked the strip club owner to make the video to blackmail Illidge into helping the UP, which was at that time in opposition, back to power.