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American tourist drowns on Baby Beach

American tourist drowns on Baby Beach

Graduation ceremony within the Caribbean Netherlands CorrectionalInstitution

On Monday afternoon, a 43-year-old American tourist drowned on Baby
Beach. Ambulance and police rushed to resuscitate the swimmer, but to no avail.

The man had gone swimming with his children just as the sea was getting rough. He recognized the danger and took his children to a shallower area. When he subsequently warned their mother, they no longer saw their father.

Not much later, a summoned police officer saw a body floating in the sea. Together with other people he managed to get the body aside, but by then it was already too late.
Victim Support has taken care of the family.

Joran van der Sloot risks an extra 18 years in prison. Aruba

Joran van der Sloot risks an extra 18 years in prison.

He is already serving a 28-year sentence for murder in Peru. He is now on trial for cocaine smuggling. He would have smuggled these in and out of prison. Since 2005, Van der Sloot has been constantly getting into trouble. Van der Sloot first made the news in 2005. He is the last person to have seen American Natalee Holloway alive. He was arrested and questioned several times as a suspect. Yet he is not convicted, because there is not enough evidence. In 2012, Van der Sloot confessed that he murdered Peruvian Stephany Flores. He is still serving this sentence in Peru. But now there’s a new charge against him. In the prison where he is, he is the head of a smuggling gang. The cocaine was brought into the prison by a friend of the Dutchman. He distributed these in prison.

Joran van der Sloot risks an extra 18 years in prison.