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Graduation ceremony within the Caribbean Netherlands CorrectionalInstitution

Graduation ceremony within the Caribbean
Netherlands Correctional

KRALENDIJK – Together with Forma, three MBOI diplomas were awarded on Friday 8 July in the Judicial Institution Caribbean Netherlands. A fourth participant was unable to complete the school year due to termination of detention and therefore receives a certificate.

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In addition to the MBOI level, detainees can also follow generic courses at MB02 or a higher level. For this, 8 certificates were awarded for mathematics and technology. In addition, there are three female detainees who have followed and completed the cosmetology course. In addition, two more certificates will soon be awarded for completing the internal Addiction Care course, in which students learn about the consequences and impact of the use of narcotics.

The JICN is proud and happy with the results achieved and would like to thank the detainees, the collaborating partners and its own staff for the successes achieved.

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