Police seek aggressive scooter rider and passenger Dutch St Maarten

Police seek aggressive scooter rider and passenger Dutch St Maarten

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Police seek aggressive scooter rider and passenger Dutch St Maarten

Police seek aggressive scooter rider and passenger, sternly warn against violence and disruptive behavior on country’s streets https://www.stmaarten.news

Police are calling on the public to help identify a scooter rider and his passenger who were caught on camera assaulting a fellow road user on Union Road in Cole Bay. The video of the attack has been widely circulated via social media and messaging apps. https://www.stmaartennews.org

Police appeal to the public to help identify these two individuals by giving information that can lead to their arrests so they can be held accountable for their actions.

The level of road rage displayed in the video is troubling as well as very worrisome to police as it should also be to the community. This kind of behavior should not be condoned, covered up or allowed to further fester in the community. This very un-St. Maarten-like behavior is destructive to this island’s image as “the Friendly Island”. https://www.sxmgovernment.com

The community should also be cognizant that this now viral video showing the type of behavior as seen in this latest video and others prior to it also have an economic impact. St. Maarten can easily go from being known as a friendly safe place to one where visitors could opt not to visit due to the way residents are perceived to treat each other. https://www.sxmpolice.wordpress.com

This warning comes as police have noted an uptick in road rage, reckless driving, and disruptive behavior on the roads. These behaviors are more and more displayed by scooter riders and vehicle drivers, to the extreme of physical attacks for simple road incidents.

Police strongly warn and discourage reckless behavior in traffic as this can only cause accidents and possible injuries to others on the road.

KPSM will intensified traffic controls and will continue these in the coming weeks to curb irresponsible and dangerous behaviors on the road. Anyone caught will face the legal consequences of their actions.

Anyone with any information about the latest road rage and assault incident or any others is encouraged to call the Police Force on: + 1 721 542 2222, tip line 9300 or emergency 911.


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