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Rest in Peace Jean “Jimmy” Souze 20 year old St Peters basketball player collapses and dies on court photo A.A. lourens

jimmy jimmy court

RIP Jimmy, also known as Jean Jimmy Souze, who collapsed during practice yesterday and died.

As the Blazers prepared to play, their teammate Jean “Jimmy” Touze suddenly collapsed. Some fans in the nearly-full stands thought Touze had tripped and fallen. His teammates tried to help him up, but he went down again. The ambulance was called, and the auditorium was cleared.

The ambulance crew worked on Touze for several minutes, but were unable to revive him.

Officials report that Touze was born in 1986 and lived in St. Peters. He played in the A-class senior division. Touze has been a ballplayer for years, having played in the Junior District programme.