LATEST SUR investigating NEW series of armed robberies

St Maarten News

SUR investigating series of armed robberies Nol Hendriks Head of Finance and Economy Kingdom Relations at BZK

The Special Robbery Unit (SUR) detectives are investigating several armed robberies reported in the past four weeks. These armed robberies, perpetuated against merchants and shopkeepers, were above the average figures.

Due to this increase in July, it is of utmost importance to the Sint Maarten Police KPSM that both the public and business owners are educated to minimize the risk of being a target of crime. The best way to “deal with” with armed robberies is to prevent them.

Owners of small supermarkets/ and other businesses are urged to take precautions to protect themselves by refraining from keeping large amounts of cash in their establishments. Robberies are typically committed due to lack of foresight for emergency situations as well as when cash is poorly being handled. By failing to have proper security…

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