SXM Police News 2 (tester) 20 years asked for series of burglaries

20 years asked for series of burglaries

sxm police news

sxm police news

The Prosecutor’s Office asked for 20 years in jail fully unconditional for the suspect F.F.C. (38) born in St. Kitts. He is being accused of nine (9) burglaries on St. Maarten committed between 31 December 2010 and 21 October 2015. Among others he burglarized the homes of former Chief of Police P. De Witte and former minister D. Richardson. He is also accused of committing five armed burglaries, attempted manslaughter against a police officer, threatening a 14 year old boy, fencing and possession of an illegal firearm. According to the Prosecutor’s Office the arrest of F.F.C. meant that a “big fish” was caught. In 2015 alone 28 armed burglaries were reported while thus far in 2016 only two (2). During these burglaries F.F.C. used brutal force leaving several victims. He mainly stole jewelry, cash money, electronics such as mobile phones and expensive perfumes. Media reports from Antigua indicate that there too F.F.C. is sought for a series of robberies and shootings. The Court of First Instance will give its verdict on July 13. Also the victims will have the chance to submit claims for damages suffered. The Prosecutor’s Office also announced that by then it will also submit an order to recover proceeds of crime. F.F.C. sold the stolen goods and earned money with it. “Crime does not pay” the Prosecutor said.

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