According to local female K.M. She was mistreated by the St Maarten police on Sunday night, at around 9 p.m. across from Tropicana. She claims that the officer sounded Dutch, and spoke papiamentu to the other 7-8 police officers at the scene, who she claims stood around doing nothing. The victims exact words:


“I went out to the shop outside by the entrance to go up the alley where I live. There were some cops..when I was returning back one of the cops came to me with a very bad attitude and rudely asked me if I couldn’t see that they were doing something and said that I needed to pass the other way. Even though I felt like I wouldn’t have disrupted anyone, I just saw it as an easier way for me to pass…so I felt very disrespected by the way that he approached me..police officer or not..we are all required to have a level of respect towards each other. So I got a little frustrated and said whatever. He then came to my face as if he himself got aggrevated..roughed me up, pushed me againsts the wall, put handcuffs on me and threw me in the vehicle..where I had to wait till they were done, I don’t know if they couldnt find what they were looking for with the people who they had prevoously stopped..but surely enough I was the only one they took away and took me to the station for questioning

Now when they finally took my cuffs off. There were big swollen bruises on both my hands..one way more than the other..now I know it wasn’t just from the cuffs because i made no effort to struggle.

All I knew was that it was throbbing the entire night..it still hurts now..even though the swelling is not that visible anymore..but I am still a little bruised..my logic would be that i was handled too roughly 


I never been handled like that before..ever in my life

He was a guy way bigger than me..an im here in a dress by the way trying to get home

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