Here are about 40 photo Patrick Illidge being led into court. The video is already uploaded so I will also post the video thats coming up all photo and video judith roumou. I have a lot more updates including one with a lawyer. Keep coming back, I got into the internet here, so stay tune I will be posting all day. Check back

Member of Parliament Patrick Illidge appeared in front of the investigating judge at the court of first instance yesterday morning to have the legality of his arrest and his custody tested. This was a direct result of the prosecutor’s decision to extend Illidge’s police custody beyond the initial two days. Both his arrest and his custody were found to be lawful, and as a result Illidge’s initial 48 hours of custody has been extended by a further eight days maximum before he either has to be released, or a request has to be made to the court to start his pre-trial detention.

PHILIPSBURG–The Prosecutor authorised an extension of MP Patrick Illidge’s police custody yesterday, and sent a request to the Rechter Commissaris (Investigating Judge) to test the legality of this decision, as per legislation. The Rechter Commissaris is expected to hear the case today.

As explained in an article yesterday, Illidge’s initial police custody could be extended by the Prosecutor after the first 48 hours. This decision would then have to be tested by the Investigating Judge on the first day, after which an extension of eight days is authorised, on top of the first 48 hours.

After that period, if a further extension is necessary for the investigation, or if the case goes to trial and the Prosecutor deems it necessary that the suspect is kept in custody, a request for further detention, named “bewaring,” can be made to the Investigating Judge. If approved, the suspect would then be deemed to be in pre-trial detention.

Illidge was arrested on Monday for bribery, money laundering and being a member of a criminal organisation, relating to the Bada Bing case, officially known as the Orca enquiry.

I am not blogging today because of certain issues related to the Parliamentarian Leroy de Weever assault. This is taken directly from the Herald. I’ll be back to blogging when I’m better


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