PARLIAMENT BUDGET MEETING PHOTOS 1 ST MAARTEN NEWS all photos judith roumou jan 13 2014

I have many more videos and photos, the budget meetings in the st maarten parliament seems to have no true clarity. Hard to keep up with what everyone is trying achieve. No one really appears to agree on everything. I’ll post the video, you might agree. Yes that’s Mr Parliamentarian Assault and Battery…..and thief Leroy de Weever he never thought I would show up. Why not show up? He’s supposed to be ashamed, not me. I had to see my doctor, I said I guess I should be embarrassed to go to Parliament when Leroy kneed me in the groin. And my doctor said, you have no reason to be ashamed. He does, he’s the abuser.

So he put everything in perspective 4 me.

Leroy de Weever assaulting me, threatening me, stealing my tablet etc will not go away.

Everytime I take a photo, video or blog about him. I will post about his woman beating, stealing, intimidation towards women and his threats.

Your daughters are great on the internet, they can read to you everything I write about you, and its all true/

Enjoy the photos, videos coming up and more photos.

Bed time 🙂

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