I just received an email behind the scenes from Alain Duzant. He is upset because I once posted that St Martiners need to be proactive, and as opposed to sitting behind the laptop screens, they should do something proactive. I told Alain Duzant that he was a great writer and that he should consider blogging to a worldwide audience, to get his message about St Martin across. Alain Duzant emailed me and told me to research Judith Roumou . Mr Duzant  I have researched Judith Roumou. I see where 4 years ago, the Today Paper accused her of many criminal activities including hacking, taking websites, blackmail etc. I also read in the paper that they had evidence, documents and proof which they would present to the public. That was 4 years ago, Mr Duzant I am still waiting 4 that evidence. With all the accusations against Judith Roumou, you would think that the Dutch St Maarten government would have provided a SHRED a evidence. They have the resources. They have the VDSM, Rechercher, Marcheuchesse, VKS, Control Unit, Bavpol, Police Dept and a host of detectives on the island INCLUDING INTERPOL. Why are St Maarteners, especially our LEADERS so quick to bite every story their government feeds them yet they turn around and complain about government corruption and about Government lying to them. Julian Rollocks has been to court 4 times since he made his accusations against Judith Roumou, he has sued EVERYONE, but Judith Roumou. When you see Julian Rollocks pose 4 Judith Roumou’s cameras grinning, don’t you ask yourself why the case hasn’t gone to court yet? When you go up against the government and system they will send people both high and low at you. Street cleaners to Politicians, and so called activists such as Billy D who are being paid under the table. Since the St Maarten government accused me a every crime in the book, Hiro Shigemoto has been arrested, Patrick Illidge arrest is imminent, Theo Heyliger is under roughly 7 investigations, the Dutch are investigating Sarah Wescot Williams, Roland Tuitt’s sons under arrest, transportation drugs in the United States, BOTH senator Erno Labegas sons are imprisoned 4 various crimes including murder and drug dealing, The advisor who laughed at me in Parliament Elton Jones, when I told Julian Rollocks that I would blog about the corruption, his sons got caught up in Bling Bling, the largest murder spree in St Maarten, Romain Laville is under his own investigation. His bodyguard Koeiman is about to be sent to the United States on drug/criminal charges. Julian Rollocks co-conspirators Japheth Prakash and company have been sentenced to 7 and 5 years in prison in Miami and has to pay back closed to 20 million in restitution. I can go on and on and on and on about all the criminal arrests of our government and the police in 4 years. Maria Buncamper. Sarah Wescot’s son became the youngest to be names in Brinkman’s list of corruption. I have policians on Youtube videos talking about being offered. NOBODY QUESTIONS THAT EVERYONE WHO ACCUSED ME Of EVERYTHING!!! THEY ARE ALL ON THEIR WAY TO PRISON, ALREADY IN PRISON, OR THEIR KIDS ARE. So when you talk about RESEARCH please do your research WELL. CONSIDER the MOTIVE why people would say bad things about a anti-corruption in government blogger, then find EVIDENCE to back the slander. Ask yourself why, although the Dutch Government accused Judith Roumou of every crime in the book, THEY are the ones under indictment and going to prison!!! When OUR LEADERS buy the bullshit, and join the plantation dance, then St Maarten is really in trouble. It’s very easy to throw things out there and try to make something stick. Nothing has stuck so you need a better strategy or at least some proof. When I google and research Judith Roumou, I see where she’s posted over 1 million pages in online content, and received MILLIONS of views worldwide. Has it occured to you that the 99% in the world appreciate what she does, and the 1% in St Maarten trying to slander her are under CRIMINAL investigation. I obviously DON’T care who you are, or what you’re standing is in the St Maarten community. It proves that no matter how intellectual a person might appear to be, or no matter how intelligent, when you live on a plantation 4 too long, and accept it, you to will become a willing slave to the system.


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